[November 2, 2019]
Great news! "The Deep State" web series has been selected to be screened at The Big Apple Film Festival in New York City. The festival, rated one of the "5 Best events in New York" by CBS New York, runs from November 18 thru November 21 at the Cinepolis Theater (260 West 23rd Street - between 7th and 8th avenues).

[October 15, 2019]
Check out "The Deep State" vlog series. These offer insight into current events that will be featured prominently in future episodes. The latest one is

[October 4, 2019]
We're pleased to announce that "The Deep State" is ranked as one of the highest-rated thrillers on stareable.com, an online community of web series. Viewers have given the series a five-star rating.

"An original supernatural political thriller"

[September 25, 2019]
At the 2019 Golden Door International Film Festival, "The Deep State" screened all four episodes as a pilot and was named a nominee in the "New Media" category. 

Thanks to everyone who attended this acclaimed festival. 

the Full Pilot Icon below to see the series as a pilot.



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