A Comic Bond 
[July 11, 2019] 
Tom Zanca's original dramedy, "A Comic Bond", received its second "Recommend" script coverage rating. The tale, about a mother-daughter stand-up comedy team, was cited as a "strong and emotionally resonant dramedy."

A Comic Bond
[July 5, 2019]
Tom Zanca's original dramedy, "A Comic Bond", received a "Recommend" rating in script coverage for both the script and writer. The unique storyline regards a mother-daughter stand-up comedy team.

Alone With The Devil
[April 29, 2019]

Tom Zanca's original thriller, "Alone With The Devil", today was named a finalist in Filmmakers.com's 17th annual Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards Competition. This year's contest attracted 1,422 full-length feature scripts worldwide.

"An original supernatural political thriller"


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