Alone With The Devil
[April 29, 2019]

Tom Zanca's original thriller, "Alone With The Devil", today was named a finalist in's 17th annual Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards Competition. This year's contest attracted 1,422 full-length feature scripts worldwide.

Rough Cut
[April 7, 2019]
"The Deep State" rough cut of the first four episodes is done and awesome. After a few tweaks, some colorizing, and laying down the soundtrack of original music, and we'll be ready to launch. Look for the debut soon!

[March 11, 2019]

Production on the first four episodes of The Deep State web series is completed. These scenes saw stellar performances from the likes of Bill Sorvino (Gerald Kepley), Scott Schiaffo (Homeless Mikey), and Greg Chater (Vance Kepley), as they advanced Gerald's storyline and setup a subplot that will begin Vance's story arc.

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"An original supernatural political thriller"


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